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Chuunin - A Naruto Community

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a Naruto community

So, you like Naruto? Then join. Simple as that.
This community's been going strong since 2002. We kick it old school, you know you want in.

Spoiler Warning
There will more than likely be spoilers all throughout the community.
If you aren't up to speed with the manga and/or anime, be a bit careful.

Before You Join
Please read the Community Rules. Thank you.

Please contact the Maintainers, we're here to help.

  1. Please refrain from making an introductory post when you join, unless it has some kind of picture/information/question/link that pertains to Naruto. Introductions tend to clog up the community with posts that simply say "Hi, I'm new and I love Naruto!" We know you do, that's why you joined.

  2. If you're posting an image that exceeds either 400 pixels in width or 400 in height, more than two images, or a large amount of text, please put it behind an LJ-cut. You may then re-post the entry as long as it fits within the community standards. If images are hotlinked, please credit the original source.

  3. The same goes for any material which could be considered offensive (character bashing, hentai material, yaoi/yuri stories, etc..).

  4. All sales & trade posts must contain "SALE" or "TRADE" in the subject line and all contents, including text & images, must be behind an lj-cut. This also applies to website sales promotions and other people's auctions and sales.

  5. All spoiler discussion must contain "SPOILER" in the subject and all contents, including text & images, must be behind an lj-cut with fair warning given of how far the spoilers go.

  6. Because Naruto is a licensed manga & anime, please make all scanlation/download information "members only" and place all text & links behind an lj-cut.

  7. Whenever a topic gets out of hand in comments, freeze the comments. If the post is unnecessary or offensive in the community, delete or friends lock the post. One should never disable comments on their post, and only screen/delete comments if they feel it's extremely necessary. If you have an issue with a user's comments, that's what the mods are for.

  8. Most importantly - Be kind to one another! We all know the difference between constructive criticism and being rude. Any deliberately offensive or inflammatory posts/comments will be frozen or deleted, and appropriate actions will be taken.

Violating the rules may result in a deleted comment or post, a warning, a temp-ban, or a ban. Three warnings will result in at least a temp-ban. More information on consequences will be found in the upcoming FAQ. These rules are subject to change, and changes will be announced in the community.

If you have to write, "Please delete this if it's not allowed" in your post, clearly you have not read the rules and your post will be deleted. If you have read the rules and you're really not sure whether something is allowed or not, CONTACT A MODERATOR.


When you need us, our contact post is here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Coming soon! In the meantime, you might find what you're after here:
Naruto LJ Community Master List (Preliminary)



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