Sapphire Luna (sapphireluna) wrote in chuunin,
Sapphire Luna

Fun with honorifics

I need help from fellow fanfic writers who like to use the chan,san, kun etc suffixes in theirs fics.

I don't know how everyone refers to everyone else because I don't think each person has talked to everyone else at least once in the anime.
Can you help me find out what suffix the Konoha 11 + Sasuke use for each other?

Let's use Lee as an exemple.
Lee: -kun (Naruto, Sasuke, Kiba, Shino, Shikamaru, Chouji)
-chan (No one?)
-san (Sakura, Hinata?? Ino??)
Nothing (Neji, Tenten) Though Lee did say Neji-kun in some fillers, so it's confusing ^_^;

I need help with the ?? ones.

Naruto: -kun (no one)
-chan (Sakura)
-san (no one??)
Nothing: (everyone else?)

Sasuke: Nothing (everyone?)

Sakura: -kun (Sasuke, Shikamaru? Chouji? Kiba? Shino?) She said Kiba-kun in that filler episode about the top 5 fights, remember? But that's the only time I recall her saying kun to someone other than Sasuke.
-chan (Hinata?? Tenten??)
-san (Lee, Neji?? Tenten??)
Nothing : (Ino, Naruto)

Ino: -kun (Sasuke)
-chan (Hinata??)
-san (No one? Lee?, Neji?? Tenten??)
Nothing ( Everyone else)

Nothing : Everyone?

Nothing : Everyone?

Kiba :
Nothing : Everyone?

Shino :
Nothing: Everyone?

-kun (Naruto, Kiba, Shino, Shikamaru?? Chouji??)
-chan ( Sakura?? Ino??)
-san ( Lee?? Tenten??)
-nii-san (Neji)

Neji :
-sama (Hinata)
Nothing (Everyone else)

-kun ( No one??) she did say it to Naruto once, but dropped it later ;/
-chan (Sakura?? Ino?? Hinata??)
-san ??
Nothing (Everyone else??)

Sorry if you find this unimportant, but help fill in the ?? if you know ^_^;

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