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All My Ninjas Episode 12

hmm, nothing really to say. There are quite a few storylines i'm working on here, so sorry if it seems a bit disjointed. It is a soap opera afterall.

this is also dedicated to my f-list, most of which have been having a bad day, or a bad week, or a bad millenia... hope you feel better, and if nothing else, perhaps this will put a smile on your face. and if not this one, definitely the next one.

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Gratuitous Makeout Session

"Oh, didn't see you there. Well come on in, let me show you around..."

being quite distraught over her and Shika's breakup, Ino goes out to drink her cares away

Alcohol, the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems!

being in the drunk/angry/invincible state of mind, she hops on the whirly-thingy

and instantly regrets it

luckily, chouji was around to help her up again, and carry her drunken arse home.

and tuck her in

then he just sat, contemplating everything. His best friend horribly hurt the girl he cared for most. What to do?


Sasuke hasn't been the same since his 'visit' with Orochimaru, so Sakura offers to give him a makeover, in hopes to liven him up again.

but, she's not that skilled yet...

so she tries again

this time with sexy results!

but he still isn't acting like himself

so they all go out to Ayame's ramen place

Sakura even tries being kinky... but he wants none of that.

he shoos her out of the room so he could go to bed... but what's this?

Orochi's back!

Naruto smells him from outside, and becomes ENRAGED!

he leaps through the window to confront the pedophile

and smacks him around. luckily Sasuke's a heavy sleeper.

That same night...

Team Gai went hottubbing together

Kurenai and Asuma played parents with their precious little girls

Anko and Ibiki both toasted to being single and fabulous

and then got their groove on

Kiba got home from a mission, and, too excited to change first, jumped into the hottub to make out with Hinata

Gaara got in a fight with some guy and summoned the sand to attack him

thusly kicking his ass. Temari and Kankurou support him in all his endeavors.

And Shino wrote his final essay... about bugs. How appropriate.

That's right, the kids are almost out of college. and about damn time too. What awaits them in their post-college lives? seriously, i'm asking you. my options are limited, but in this alternate simsverse, what should the rookie 9 + friends look forward to doing?

also, a happy note for me, i should be getting my new graphics card soon, so hopefully the quality will go up a notch *dance dance*
Tags: fw - sims
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