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20 May 2007 @ 10:47 pm
The Huge SasuNaru/NaruSasu Lemon Challenge Thing!  
The Huge SasuNaru/NaruSasu Lemon Challenge Thing!

Sick of the traditional dry-humping, a quick squeeze on the lube tube, one, two, three fingers, then in? Not that there's any wrong with that, but it's starting to feel a little shallow. Doesn't it? Leave the ridiculous, random f***ing to hentai and sleazy porno’s. This is yaoi and Shonen-ai in its finer forms.
Well, since its summer and all, I've decided to put up this challenge for you people! Does that tickle you muse? Well then, continue reading for more

Okay then, to clear things up: The goal is to write the hottest lemon there is! Now, this doesn't particularly mean making two (or more!) guys boink themselves sweaty and bloody in the most creative, anatomically impossible positions (Also know as hardcore yaoi). No, to really write a lemon so hot that the readers melt into little wet puddles on the floor, you have to understand the characters, give them life and feelings. You have to put up a believable stage with just the right light settings. You have to have a plot so intense that it jumps through the screen and right into the heart of the audience.
Sounds thought? Well, it might be, but if you work on it, I'm sure you'll pull it off. It’s worth a try, right?

These are the rules:

♥ The challenge will open at the 20Th of May (today), and you’ll have till the 6Th of July on you to write. That’s a month and a half, so you’ll have plenty of time on you. Then the judging and voting (more about that later) will progress till the 20Th of July where after the winner and honorable mentions (depending on the amount of contestants) will be announced. Fic recived after the closing on the 6th of July will be disqualified. However, I am aware of the time diffrences, so concider it to be your 6th of July.

♥ The winner will be decided through a two step progress where the first is a board of judges. There’s four of us, myself included, who will award points in three categories: ‘Hotness’, ‘Overall Writing Style’ and ‘Ability to Meet the Requirements’. Then there will be a poll for the other readers to pick their personal favorite. The points awarded by the judges will be worth 40% of the total score, and the remaining 60% is given by the audience.

♥ The grand prize is, beside the honor, a flashy banner to put on your user info and lots of pimping. There will also be banners for the honorable mentions, all depending on the amount of participants.

Minimum word count is 1500 words, Maximum is 2 billions. Thus, you can either submit just a one-shot, or a multi-chaptered fic. Thought the lemon in the multi-chaptered fic has to be freshly written as does the fic in it self, i.e. it has to be written for this challenge specifically, thought it doesn’t have to be finished completely, as long as the lemon is, it’s okay. Also, you can participate with up to three fics if you feel up to it. But don’t rush them, this is a Good Lemon challenge, remember?

English only, please, preferably with correct spelling and grammar. If you think the spell-check program is too little, contact a beta reader. If you don’t know where to find one of these beta people, you can always take help from the LJ community Naruto_Betas.
And avoid fan-girl Japanese if possible. The only Japanese that’s accepted is such words as ‘dobe’, suffix and names for jutsu and weapons. Such things that is hard to translate without it sounding silly, BUHLIVE IT!


I will read through all fics before they’re accepted, to make sure that the requirements are followed.
Failure to meet following requirements will lead to a warning. If no heed is taken to the warning, the fic will be disqualified.

1- This challenge is only open for variations of Sasuke/Naruto lemons. It’s this way to prevent it from growing to big and to avoid giving some fics unfair advantage just because of the pairing being more popular.

2- No use of words that can be found in any old porno (i.e. every word for 'penis' that ever existed in the human language, followed by obscene variations of 'penetration' and alike). The only exception is if the word is used in speech, as in taunts and questions.

3- Dirty talk, as in “You like that, don’t you, you little slut.” is not allowed. However, pleas for ‘more’ and ‘harder' and so on are okay.

4- No rape fics, non-con and alike.

5- No established relationship fics. And no post relationships fics either.

6- No extremely short fics, such as drabbles. The minimum word count is 1500 words and the maximum is 2 billions, as stated above.

7- Try to keep the characters as In Character as possible.


These points have no really weight in the matter, just ideas that might help some in the whole ‘making-reader-melt-into-happy-piles-of-fangirl/boy-goo’ thing. It's all up to you if you listen to them or not.

1- Kinks, such as light bondage or maybe even some spanking is warmly welcome. But please avoid heavier stuff, such as S&M, and obvious squicks like water sports, bestiality and random philias (necrophilia, for example). Rape is still a no-no

2- Before the whole VotE (battle of the Valley of the End, y’know) incident. I know by fact that there are a lot of fans that disliked the whole Sasuke-running-off scene. Either set it before the incident, or, if the idea of so young boys doing naughty stuff with each other squicks you, ignore the whole thing and age ‘em up a couple of years. Or maybe even write an angsty, heart wrenching good-bye lemon staged right at the end of VotE, where the whole ‘leaning-over-kiss-him-goddamn-it!’ scene occurs. Crying and drooling at the same time gives you this special feeling… maybe that’s what they call dehydration?

3- First timers. I don’t know about you, but according to me, there’s nothing as hot as virgins deflowering (<-- forbidden penetration variation). It’s just something with the fumbling awkwardness that’s just so… so warming that it’ll give most fans a silly grin on their face for the rest of the day.

4- No penetration. Trust me, most of the times; just rubbing or mutual wanking is way hotter then a full out anal penetration. Thought that’s up to you. To penetrate or not to penetrate, that is the question!

5- Please do me a favor and re-watch the episodes or re-read some of the manga so that you’ll be able to write that characters truly IC, instead of fandom IC. You’ll know what I mean.

Got everything? If not, feel free to ask, I’ll answer your questions as good as I can (questions about the challenge only, no reason to go all philosophic on my ass, okay?).

When you’re finished, post your fic somewhere were everyone can read it (deviantART, fanfiction.net, mediaminer.org, LJ and such), no password protection or registration needed, please. Then you can either send a mail to hdr_slash@hotmail.com or post a comment to this post with the link. I will do quick read through and either answer with an ‘Accepted’ or a ‘Warning’. The link you provide me with will not only make it possible for us judges to read you fic, but it’ll also make it a lot easier for people to read it when the poll is put up on the 6th of July.

Good Luck!
x-posted like crazy. feel free to pimp further ^^
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